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Artist Finds Digital Niche

October 15th, 2010

Artist Finds Digital Niche

JOSEPH Suede, of Gosford, has been working hard for years at perfecting a unique form of artistry he has called digital oil.

The trained graphic artist and interior designer had an interest in photography taking photos of landscapes and scenery wherever he went.

“I am not a professional photographer - certainly not a Ken Duncan - but I am a creative person.

“I discovered a few software programs and spent hours and hours fiddling with them.

“I got an idea and kept persevering and I found a new niche.”

The result is a photo which looks like an oil painting.

He has transformed his and friends’ photographs into pieces of art.

His work is on exhibition until July 21 at Erina library foyer, a public space for Central Coast artists to display their works free.

“I love scenery and colours have always fascinated me,” he said.

He has turned many of his works into prints and postcards, now stocked at Gosford...