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Some of the comments from the old Digital-Oil Testimonials page. Blog is open for new comments via FineArtAmerica site.

“I just visited the new website. It looks fantastic!! Well done!!”
Victor Morales – Canada

“I had a look at all six galleries, and was impressed -- very, very impressed with some of them. Number DO-0061 is the best Opera House I've seen for a long time -- you actually made it seem to float !! Congratulations!”
Grant Agnew - Canberra NSW

“Just looking over your gallery - very good, well done! I particularly like some of the monochrome ones.”
Richard Carter - Hong Kong

“The paintings look great.”
Larissa Levkovitch – Sydney

“Your Art you have displayed at Erina looks amazing! If I was to comment I would say the image has a mature look to it and that the materiality of the pictures is very inviting, especially on the canvas: it draws the viewer in to look more closely. Materiality being my fascination at this point with film, and although your stuff is completely different, I found myself absorbed by the pictures.”
Jeremy Schiffler - Erina, Central Coast NSW

“The reproductions look great! I really hope they do well for you.”
Seumas Hyslop - Sydney NSW

“My goodness I have just been blown away by your talent!! How clever you both are and I thank you for your invitation.”
Vicky Hill - Epping, Sydney NSW

“Wow the pictures look fantastic, so professional. I really enjoyed the web site. I wish you & Essam all the best with the exhibitions followed by great success.”
Jeneva Sweyda - La Perouse, Sydney NSW

“I’ve seen one of your works some time ago in the Imperial Centre and was most impressed with it...such a clever medium, (if that’s what it’s called.)”
Christine Hunter - Central Coast NSW

“Hello Joseph and Essam
Your website is beautiful, very professional! I also saw your exhibition in Erina very good.”
S. Crumblin - Central Coast NSW

“I had a look at the galleries. They're beautiful, so creative and brimming with life and colour.”
Anthony Attard - Syndey NSW

“Peter and I visited your exhibition at Erina today then on returning home we had a tour of your internet site. Well!!! How professional - very impressive. The digit/oil is beautiful. When you become famous - remember I have one of your originals (the old ferry) – Thank you!”
Lisa Nelson & Peter Jones - Gosford, Central Coast NSW